Boo Frog

by Boo Frog

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Collapse Board: Song of the day – 128: Boo Frog

Despite the assertion from the editor of Mess And Noise that my blogging is all “NME this, or Franz Ferdinand that”, my desk seems to be currently sadly bereft of new releases from major labels, or even major indie labels.

Instead, I’m reduced to scrabbling around among the scrag-ends of cultural abandon – or, as the chairman of the board of judges for the AMP put it, “dwellers on the fringes of society” – sorting through the remnants of CDs put aside to listen to that should have been listened to damn years ago but sadly a life spent devoted to “NME this, or Franz Ferdinand that” doesn’t seem to be paying the bills so I’ve only just got round to buying a new computer that actually plays CDs. It seems appropriate that the first such search should throw up Portland’s Boo Frog – pond-dwellers and scum-suckers like myself, wallowing in the deep primordial ooze that once spawned The Cramps and all that nastiness. The music is raw and timeless, psychedelic and trippy: all fuzzed guitars and mean gruff male vocals and Dead Moon-flecked female. One suspects there’s only a minimum of musicians playing, because Boo Frog clearly understand the way silence and the space between the silences can unsettle. There’s no bass. Why would there be? Why would there be? Reverb, as ever, is their queen and castle and legacy and floating jetsam pushing aside the barges of woe.

The search also threw up a press release that indicates Boo Frog formed in the spring of 2009 at a Lux Interior memorial, and recorded all the tracks on their debut deep-end swamp rock album Boo Frog during the three hottest days in Portland’s history, which seems relevant but now I retype these words I can’t quite put my finger on it somehow. Ah yes, context. I dunno. This seems like everything The Racounteurs could be, but are not in any shape or form. I kept expecting ‘Crushed’ to break into 13th Floor Elevators’ ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me‘. Boo Frog are hard. Boo Frog are heavy. Boo Frog crush.

- Everett True, July 2010


released October 3, 2009

Chris Newman - guitar, piano, vocals
Erika Meyer - guitar, vocals
Paul Vega - drums


all rights reserved



Boo Frog Portland, Oregon

portland oregon psychedelic punk

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Track Name: In The Beginnin'
Down in the swamp all covered in fog
an eyeball grew on an ol' rotten log
the swamp started stirrin' and its legs sprouted out
crawled to the shore and let out a shout

Good Lord almighty, I think I've finally arrived!
I think, therefore I am... it feels so good to be alive!

In the murky depths of an ol' peat bog
spawned a higher form of an ol' polly wog
when he realized as he started into hoppin'
croakin' out a rhythm he weren't stoppin'

Good Lord almighty, I think I've finally arrived!
I think, therefore I am... it feels so good to be alive!
Track Name: What Would I Do?
what would I do
without your love?
what would I do
without your love?
what would I do?
I would be blue
doing everything
the devil wants me to

Don't wanna live this way no more
I am tired of this war
but every time I've try to run
I shoot myself with my own gun
I'm so sick, sick of it


Shoot and run, run and hide
underneath the darkened skies
I look at you in surprise
but I can't even see your eyes
don't you do me this way!


I'm a bird on a wire
and all my feathers are on fire
the situation is getting dire
now it's time to take it higher!

You know I want you, the devil wants you too!
Track Name: Walk With Me
Hey there girl, take a walk with me
there's something on the side of the mountain that you should see
the ground is alive with an orgone energy
the sky is wide and she's lookin' down on me

we can go when it's raining on the canopy
we can walk when the sun is shining -- it don't matter to me
the sky is a spectacle of hexagon patternry
it's all tied together with nature and humanity

Hey there girl let's lie on the mossy ground
you look fine just wearin your flowery crown
and the birds in the trees sing a symphony of sound
with a melody that's never before been found

we saw the vision of all that will come to be
we saw something that might not be meant to be seen
hey there girl, take a walk with me
hey there girl, take a walk with me
Track Name: Birthday Girl
A year's gone by and you're a little older
your best friend called, wants to cry on your shoulder
long lost love and your heart grows colder
don't give up girl, it ain't over

someone's got a present for you
birthday girl, now don't you be blue

You wander through life looking for a lover
no more cryin' under the covers
I am the boy you've been dreaming of
the source of the river is a mountain of perfect love

I got a birthday present for you
everybody's there, you're invited too!

I got a birthday party for you
everybody's there, you're invited too!

don't ya be blue!
Track Name: Two Wild Cats
Woman walk away never lookin' back
she knocked my train right off the track
skin-tight jeans all dressed in black

two wild cats! in a gunny sack!

shake it pretty baby my jaw went slack
she was purrin' like a pussy cat
the hounds of hell were on her back

two wild cats! in a gunny sack!

her piston were pumpin' like a cadillac
the hellcats struttin' she got the knack
skin-tight jeans all dressed in black

two wild cats! in a gunny sack!
Track Name: Throw Me A Bone
Baby take me home
I'm so tired of being alone
We're drinkin' in the same bar
listenin' to electric guitar
I saw you smile at me
I'm thinkin' how good it could be
This here ain't no one-night stand
Baby, let me be your man
This ol' dog don't wanna roam
Baby I'll throw you a bone
Yeah I saw you smile at me
and I'm thinking how good it could be
You're purdy, you seem kinda shy
you don't want any ol' guy
I swear I can't leave you alone
Baby, let me throw you a bone
Feels like you're like no other
baby, let me be your lover
Baby, can I buy you a beer?
you got nothin' to fear
Track Name: Crushed
The sun was like a blackberry
crushed against the night
and we were drifting off to sea
with moonlight in our eyes
pain, regret, and whiskey
fueled the night
that night...

"I'll meet you at the gas station,"
he jumped into his truck.
We tried to follow him,
but we had no luck
Halfway home,
he took flight
Lights shone from the trees
with forest deep inside
The telephone
still ringing in my head
and Kristine screaming,
"My husband!!!"

I cannot forget that night
and how it met its end
the children went to foster homes
christine to heroin
when all he ever wanted
was to be with them
Track Name: Little Brother
hey little brother, I'm still riding that train
been riding for years, but I'll be back again
never did find that long lost friend
hey little brother, the train is off the track
but it keeps on rollin' never comin' back
you can see the spirits from the old smokestack

little brother listen, I didn't mean to break your heart
when I got on board, they said we'd soon depart
ended up sittin' all alone in the dark
listenin' for the engine to start

hey little brother, I saw a familiar ghost
Ogden Ghould said he loved me most
goin' down the mountain
headin' for the coast

movin' full-throttle back to where I was born
I feel so lonesome, I feel so forlorn
I ain't heard from my baby since Christmas morn
Track Name: Birthday Cake
High school girl sits in morning sun
hair hangs down loose and long
eyelids flutter half-awake
breakfast is birthday cake

cream cheese frosting
thick and rich
she's gonna lick it off
her fingertips

she leans and whispers to her friend
the moment, it's too sweet to end
and it's too nice to go to school
you wanna get away? we can break some rules.

let's escape to the beach
we can let the waves bathe our feet
we can let the sun heat our skin
as the surf comes crashing in

we can taste the salt
we can feel the spray
be the song
live today

summer bleeds
across the sky
gotta live today
Track Name: Her Heroine
She was her heroine
she saved the day, yeah that's her role
she was her heroine
she came along to save her soul

she was her heroine
took her in, turned her out on the street
she was her heroine
walkin' through the mission in her bare feet

abandoned child in a garbage can
tragedy was waiting for the baby
cussin' out God since she could speak
I thought it was he, who cared for the meek

she was her heroine
helped her walk it through her sleep
she was her heroine
pray the lord my soul to keep

when she came to, she was so surprised
she hadn't died when she opened her eyes
what's it mean when another man dies?
that's a face she don't recognize
Track Name: Dust Princess
the dust princess said,
"come stay with me
in my palace of dust."

it was a space
buckskin warehouse
hennipin avenue, minneapolis

I lay on the wide wooden floor
watched the dust motes dance
in the shafts of windowlight
in the night, the artists worked
safe from snow, smoking marlboros

in the loft
we dreamt of fire

on the top
a room of leather
old moccasins
no one put together

we made everything out of leather
poetry laced together
traces of leather
leather dust

and the little clouds shatter in the mirrors
the pebbles splash beneath the bridge
the little rats hurry 'cross the tracks
and the hobos hop the boxcars of my mind

yeah she knows
and she floats
burning spark
in the morning
Track Name: Sunnyside Avenue
We lived in a place so cold and gray
a thousand years ago
things seemed bleak yesterday
she said "let's just drive and go."

the distance can't be measured
when we arrive we'll know
it seemed just like forever
or just an hour or so

Goodbye to heartache
and the pain-filled soul
something large is stirring
behind the cellar door

Absinthe is all around
lay your burdens down
so many things of wonder
waiting to be found
on Sunnyside Avenue

Taking in the finer things
laughing all around
let's have tea and we can see
the stars come raining down

We lay out on the blanket
the trees stood tall and true
I just want to thank you
for all the things you do
on Sunnyside Avenue
Track Name: My Parade
Winter went on so long
feeling like and empty drone
clouds wrapped around my home
endless misery

now it's breaking up
feels like I'm waking up
coffee in my cup
and I am happy

when I was down
nobody came around
now I'm coming up
they want to make me frown

but you won't rain on my Parade
this is my happy day
ice cream and lemonade
flowers everywhere

rainbows in my hair
dancing in my underwear
never thought I'd be there
but here I am today

now that I am happy
they think they must enlighten me
they think they need to set me free
they think, but they don't know

No you won't rain on my Parade

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